He Says He Has No Time

I remember one time in college I was taking a class in the Theory of Structures taught by someone who had been born and raised in the Vojvodina part of Serbia.  At some point during the semester I had arranged to meet with him at a certain time at his office, and having walked from work at that time, I found he was not available at his office.  Having other things to do that Friday afternoon before the sunset, I waited fifteen minutes, which I considered to be considerable amounts of patience, and then I went off to do what I needed to do.  When I saw the professor next, he seemed rather irked that I had not waited longer for him, thinking me a “busy American,” as if that was a bad thing.  The incident is fairly typical.  I tend to be fairly overscheduled as a person [1], and I generally lack the time to deal well with all of what has to be done.  I greatly dislike being late myself, and when others are late often it is too late to do very much because there is so little time to spare.

I bring this up because yesterday afternoon I borrowed a dvd from some friends of mine at church.  After having mentioned it and its theme, my roommate expressed an interest in seeing it.  I rushed off in the afternoon with a few things to accomplish and told him that we should see it about 8PM or so.  Naturally, after going to the library and a couple of other places, including spending a great deal of time wrestling with the preparation for an upcoming speech to some World War II veterans on salvage missions, I returned home around 8:30PM to find my roommate watching a video from a Church of God leader.  I then ran about looking to do other errands and by the time that video was done and he was ready, it was about 9PM, too late to watch a video given my demands for at least some rest.  I will have to find another evening when I am somewhat less scheduled, likely at some point in the middle to the end of the week when I finish work relatively early and will hopefully not have too many books I am trying to work through.  Hopefully my ferocious headache will be gone by then too.

After all, it is not as if today was a particularly productive day, at least by my standards.  Everything seemed to be running late, in large part because my sleep was interrupted yet again, on a couple of different occasions, and I felt run down the entire day, just not up to my usual levels of energy.  Perhaps it was for the best that I did not watch the video because I am not really at my best when it comes to watching something that requires sustained attention and then reviewing it as is my usual habit.  Let us hope, at least, that some time can be found later on, especially as I am far enough ahead in my reading that heroic efforts will not be required to keep myself a week ahead in terms of books reviewed.  Let us hope as well that I am able to get good enough rest that I do not have the same splitting headache I have had for the last couple of days, which has made me more than a bit waspish.  At least I know for sure that it is not a caffeine withdrawal headache, but rather it is some other kind of one of the many types of headaches that I am plagued with from time to time.

On their first album, the British band Keane wrote and performed a melancholy song called “She Says She Has No Time,” in which they reflected on someone who was too busy for someone else.  In this life many of us are very busy and it can be a vexing problem to deal with our own self-imposed burdens as well as working out time with others to act in areas of common interest.  The video will wait for another day; it demands enough time that it has to be scheduled for, and there is no convenient place me to plug in my computer and attempt to multi-task as I watch it, which will require a good deal of focus on my part in contrast to my often fairly scattered ways.  But that is a problem for another day.  For now I ponder when I shall get my rest, work on finishing another book to review, and look forward to another busy week ahead.  The days threaten to run together, the engine must be fed with fuel, and the train must pull its burden to another station in the long course of life.

[1] See, for example:





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