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They, Without A Word, May Be Won Over By The Conduct Of Their Wives

[Note:  This is the text of a sermonette given at the United Church of God congregation in Portland, Oregon on April 15, 2017.] I would like to begin today by looking at a passage relating to the relationship between husbands … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Kid Rock

Let it never be said about Kid Rock that he did not pay his dues in the music business before achieving popularity.  Although he might strike some people as an overnight success given his massive popularity after 1998, his story … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jesus Came To Save Sinners

Jesus Came To Save Sinners:  An Earnest Conversation With Those Who Long For Salvation And Eternal Life, by Charles H. Spurgeon [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Aneko Press.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] Every … Continue reading

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Game Review: Girlcrush

From time to time I play somewhat odd and unusual games, and today I would like to review one of those [1].  Girlcrush is an unusual game that will likely appeal to a very specific demographic.  The gameplay itself is … Continue reading

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Game Review: Date (Almost) Anything Sim

Alright, so as a hopelessly single fellow who enjoys odd games [1], I downloaded this freeware game that serves as an odd simulation, and I have to say that it irritated me on several levels.  The gameplay itself is pretty … Continue reading

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