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Johannes Factotum

The first appearance that William Shakespeare made in the wider world of arts and letters was in a ferocious pamphlet written by the now nearly forgotten Robert Greene, in which the Stratford-born playwright was called a Johannes Factotum, a jack-of-all-trades … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The Y U No Finish Project

One of my favorite review channels on YouTube has a feature called “Y U No Review” in which the internet’s self-professed busiest music nerd discusses why he did not review whatever single or album other people wanted to hear about … Continue reading

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Y U No Finish: Fear Not

Fear Not, by April Joy Spring [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by BookLook/WestBow Press.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] There are times [1] where I have read a book, or in this case attempted to … Continue reading

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Y U No Finish: The Myth Of Male Power

The Myth Of Male Power, by Warren Farrell I suppose it my own fault that I was curious about reading this book in the first place.  I saw this book on my roommate’s bookshelf and was a bit puzzled as … Continue reading

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