An Introduction To The Y U No Finish Project

One of my favorite review channels on YouTube has a feature called “Y U No Review” in which the internet’s self-professed busiest music nerd discusses why he did not review whatever single or album other people wanted to hear about over the course of a month.  It’s a pretty entertaining feature overall.  I remember one time him commenting on how dull the album “Torches” was by Foster The People, an album I actually liked a good deal.  Seeing as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I have decided to begin a jokey and informal project called “Y U No Finish” to contain those non-ish book reviews of books that I begin but for whatever reason I am unable to finish.  Given that I read and review a large and sometimes even alarmingly large number of books over the course of a month or year, it must be remembered that some books are a chore to get through.  Some books are difficult to read because they are so long, and others because of the style of their writing, and still others because the context of the particular book makes them unappealing to begin reading in the first place.  I do not expect this to be a large or quickly growing collection, but I thought it worthwhile to put them all in one place.

Y U No Finish Books:

The Myth Of Male Power [1]
Fear Not [2]
Albion’s Seed [3]




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