Double Booking: A Sabbath Tale

Today was a very busy day, even by the occasionally hectic standards of my usual Sabbaths.   I would like to take this post as an opportunity to provide an example of just how intriguing and interconnected a day like today is with a variety of different concerns.  I have divided this post into a series of scenes.

Blogging Interrupted

Early this afternoon, as I was pondering and musing the implications of Psalm 87, to continue my Bible study on the Sons of Korah [1], I received a phone call from a friend of mine with the abrupt news that today we would be performing for special music, along with the request to come over and pick me up so we could all get to church early enough to practice.  We sang a couple of times on the phone, but as I was in the middle of writing, I did not get the chance to finish my thoughts as I had to scramble to get ready, with the grim thoughts of a nuclear meltdown in Japan heavy on my mind [2].

Double Booking

Once I got to services, I found out that there were actually plans for two pieces of special music, but the other one (which had not come with much notice either) was bumped to next week.  I’m not really someone who likes a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of organization, as I’m much more comfortable with plans and preparations, but it’s good to know that one is able to cope whenever spontaneous action is necessary with a minimum of preparation, even if one does not find such situations ideal.  It does tend to make life rather busy and frantic, though.  Needless to say, I look forward to hearing the other special music next week as well.

A Pleasant Outcome

A pleasant outcome of being involved in several meetings (see below) is when the announcement comes that those attending such meetings get the first spot in the line at the pot luck.  That is a very pleasant outcome, as I look forward to any opportunity to be the first one with dibs on fried chicken, chicken wings, bourbon chicken, asian salad, cornbread, sweet tea, and dessert.  That this has occurred for the second straight potluck (after a long series of having to wait for others to go through the line ahead of me or save spots for other people who get to cut in line) makes it all the more pleasant.  The food was excellent as well, and so those that prepared the salad and cooked up the chicken deserve special praise–and the rice and broccoli dishes were most excellent also, I must say.

Music Librarian + Ensemble Induced Cohesion

We had an amusing and back-and-forth music meeting that dealt with structure and the need to be more organized.  A lot of people who have already been doing things on an ad hoc basis got official titles, and lines of communication got straightened out.  I ended up being named the official music librarian, with the responsibility as well for preparing practice music (or at least finding it online), as well as the responsibility of organizing the youth choir.  Additionally, we all talked about matters such as themes for song service, the need to train songleaders and learn all the hymns in the hymnal, the importance of song service as part of the worship of God (something I wholeheartedly agree with–and part of the reason I focus a great deal on the Psalms).  At the end of the meeting we moved the ensemble to be together on one side of the stage so we could have greater cohesion as a group–cohesion is what I’m all about.


After a short break we had half a dozen sermonettes (one of them was mine–a message on the importance of the symbolism of the oil and water in Psalm 133, which will eventually make it as an entry on this blog once I give the message in Tampa).  The other messages were quite excellent–one speaker gave a thoughtful and historical part two on his series on the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3 (a subject I am greatly interested in, having visited them in 2006 on a trip to Turkey), a message on foolish superstitions, a message on fellowship, one on the importance of the resurrection, and a very intriguing and excellent message given from the perspective of Joseph Caiphas, corrupt Jewish high priest during the time of Christ.  All in all, it was an excellent suite of messages that I look forward to hearing again in services.


After a bit of chatting, where I accidentally gave the wrong name of one of our congregation’s precocious preteens (I am terrible when it comes to remembering/providing the names of the people I know), I went home, finished my blogging, and now I have to remember to try to get to bed before I lose an hour of sleep tonight.  I’m going to need all the sleep I can get!



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