La Tuta Afero

Is such a day as today productive?  It is now nearly 9:30PM as I write this and it will likely be about 10PM if not later when I finish, given the scope of what I have to accomplish.  I sit now in the same place where I began this day–in my pj pants and t-shirt, with a light jacket on to make me feel a bit warmer and socks on my feet for the same purpose.  I have several books in a pile to review, plenty more in other piles to read, and I have a hamper full of clean laundry to fold, most of which I will likely be wearing during the next week.  Given the lateness of the hour, I will likely be at least somewhat tired tomorrow, hoping that enough of the caffeine I had during the day will have coursed out of my veins and will not give me reasons for a poor night’s sleep.  What do I have to show for myself with all of the running around I did today, the books I read in between all of the running?  Did anything of value come from any of it?

When I got up this morning about 6:30AM, I looked to my side and saw that I still had a few pages of a book I was looking to finish reading about kindness, so I read the book and wrote a review on it.  I also managed to write about the sermon from church yesterday [1], and also review a new Bible in Esperanto I have been trying out since I got it in the mail from Germany.  After doing all of that it was time to take a quick shower and then start the laundry and then rush off to do groceries, after which I returned and put away the groceries for the next week and chatted some with my roommate and then rushed off again.  In the midst of all of my rushing my cell phone told me that there was slow traffic near the tunnel and so I scampered off, all the while listening to an audiobook of Pride & Prejudice to do my annual reading of that particular classic.

Once I got to my weekly Esperanto meeting [2], which I only occasionally write about, it was time to return the books I had borrowed last week, all of which are now read and reviewed and scheduled to post, pick up some books to read over the next two weeks (as I will not be there next week), and then to meet quite a few people, as it was a pretty full meeting of ten people, including one native Senegalese gentleman who is looking to be one of the representatives for the United States at the UEA.  I found it striking that there should be such an ability to get to know people who are fairly important as far as Esperanto is concerned.  Portland is fairly strong in a lot of quirky areas, and many people in the meeting were interested in going to a meeting of Democratic Socialists meeting at a government building, and part of the meeting was devoted to translating an appeal for a march of spoiled science supporters to protest being treated as they have treated others, in which I have absolutely no interest.

After the meeting was done, I had some time to kill, so I went to eat just south of the river to avoid sales tax.  Since I had a few hours and had some books to read I ate and read.  During the time I managed to finish three books, all of which will now need to be reviewed, but I found it rather striking just how hard it was for my waitress to get my order, to the point where I had to repeat it multiple times.  I wonder what it is that makes some people particularly inattentive to what is said by others.  To be sure, our memories are imperfect, but at the same time we all have enough memory aids through writing notes or using our technology that we ought to have no excuse for not being able to record what it is that someone is asking for.  This is especially true when it is our job to serve others.  What could account for someone whose job required remembering and accurately gauging orders to forget something within a few seconds.  Clearly that was a person not very good at their job.

And finally, this evening was the exit meeting for the most recent Northwest Family Weekend, and as might be expected I had a fair amount to say [3].  So did a lot of other people, and I think that the meeting was relatively productive and even got into some areas involving the cherry picking.  At the end of the meeting I ended up having a good time chatting with a couple of other people, and the conversation ended up getting into the desires of one of our mutual friends to go to ABC and the problem of feeling stuck in neutral and dealing with the pressures of being unhappily single and not particularly happy with the stress that places on our interactions.  This is especially true for those of us like myself who happen to be very fond of feminine company but who do not want to make the ladies we befriend feel any sort of pressure from ourselves or from others about the direction or speed or extent of intimacy that would result from being friendly.  That part of the meeting might have been the most productive of all, as it related to the elephant in the room that so many of us have to deal with and that is so intensely frustrating in my own life, as I frequently mention here.  Let us hope that some good comes of all of this running around.  As it now stands, it is almost 11PM, and it long past time for me to go to sleep.  After all, it will be all too soon before I am at work once again.


[2] See, for example:

[3] See, for example:

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