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Better Half A Loaf Than None: A Textual Analysis

Recently a friend of mine sent me a letter written by a leader within the church organization that both of us attend with the following note: “Hi Nathan, How have you been? What is your take on this letter? Does … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Luther Vandross

If I had told you there was a R&B singer who had sold in the neighborhood of 30 million copies, and every one of whose albums had gone at least gold, a few of them multi-platinum, and had achieved multiple … Continue reading

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Book Review: 400 Creative Ways To Say I Love You

400 Creative Ways To Say I Love You, by Alice Chapin On one level, as is often the case with books that I read written by women and for women [1], it is somewhat ludicrous that I should be reading … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Corinthian Catastrophe

The Corinthian Catastrophe, by George E. Gardiner When people leave their religious traditions, there can be some bitterness in the process of trying to justify their change and negatively paint what they may perceive as wasted years following the wrong … Continue reading

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