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The Price Of Heresy

Some years ago [1], I read a book written by a libertarian which promoted itself, falsely, as being a book about the “real” Abraham Lincoln when it was nothing of the kind.  At the time, I was content to give … Continue reading

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Book Review: Esperanto: The World Interlanguage

Esperanto:  The World Interlanguage, compiled by George Alan Connor, Doris Tappan Connor, William Solzbacher, and Dr. J.B. Se-Tsien Kao This book advertises itself as being six books in one, and it demonstrates something that can be seen through the general … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beginner’s Esperanto

Beginner’s Esperanto, by J.F. Conroy Although it is without a doubt that I probably read too many books on the grammar and instruction of the language of Esperanto [1], it is enjoyable to see how different people conceive of the … Continue reading

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