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Stop Making Sense

I managed to spend a significant amount of time today chatting with a coworker of mine who has been given a job assignment that interacts with my own, and that related to a former boss of ours.  I was a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Kulturo Kaj Internacia Lingvo

Kulturo Kaj Internacia Lingvo, by William Auld As part of my ongoing series on obscure books about Esperanto [1], I decided to look at a book about language and culture that happened to be written in Esperanto.  As one might … Continue reading

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Book Review: Planning Language, Planning Equality

Planning Language, Planning Equality, by James W. Lollefson It does not take very long in reading this book to realize that the author is either incredibly stupid or immensely wicked in his mindset about languages.  For one, it is clear … Continue reading

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