Assuming I Can Get Through

Yesterday evening I received an invite to the going away party of one of my friends and occasional travel buddy [1] in my local congregation.  Given the state of weather here, I gamely replied that assuming I could get there, I would do so, and relayed the invitation to my roommate as well.  As it happened, getting there was slightly more dramatic than I thought would be the case, as my brave little toaster [2] couldn’t quite make it up the last hill, so I had to park at the bottom and hike up the last bit of the way, which ended up not being a problem at all.  Even better, a few other brave people had made the trip over, which made for an enjoyable evening of eating and chatting as we gave our mutual friend a suitable send-off for a couple of weeks of exciting service in Guatemala.  And every epic journey deserves an equally epic send-off.

As it happened, I got to see the piece of art that my friend had created and sold to help raise funds for charity, and when I looked at the wood, I had an image of a Thomas Kinkade painting in mind, and it turns out that is precisely what my friend was emulating, and it was not that I had Thomas Kinkade on the brain [3].  Of course, by chance I had read a book by Thomas Kinkade featuring a lot of his paintings, as the book and a puzzle had fallen off of the bookshelf overnight and startled me a bit.  It is generally my thinking process that a book that is in a hurry to meet me is one that I should be in a bit of a hurry to read, and in this case, as is often the case, that was not a bad decision at all as the book ended up being an enjoyable one to read.  It is also striking and worthwhile that the book prepared me to see my friend’s own artwork after Kinkade, which a mutual acquaintance of ours will now be able to enjoy hanging up on the wall as well.

It is striking just how often things an come together on a day like this.  Of course, my own planning for my day’s schedule was somewhat ambitious, as is often the case.  As I had fallen asleep while writing a book review last night I had that review to finish, a post about yesterday’s experiences fellowshipping, and the book review of the book that had hit me.  I then went and read another book and part of another one before going to the library to pick up more books and to the grocery store to get my week’s worth of food.  Judging from the conversations I had with the other people who braved the roads to make it to the south shore of Lake Oswego, that site of so many adventures [4], it appears we all had a lot to do but managed to make the time anyway to come and celebrate the departure of a mutual friend, and also of interest is the fact that we all brought our own different foods–one person brought drinks, another brought salads, another brought dessert, and it all worked perfectly together without anyone having planned in concert ahead of time.  It is hard not to feel as if such groups of people are inspired to provide something that everyone else can appreciate.

And it so happens too that my friend is making this trip at a time of transition in his life, as he has finished school and is looking forward to work, and seeks to serve in that time in between.  So too I have served others in the midst of such transitions, whether or not such service has aided me.  Let us hope that my friend’s service is much less dramatic than my own efforts at such times, and that it provides him an opportunity to serve based on what God has given and give him a sense of appreciation for those gifts.  Transitions are a time of taking stock of what has come before and reflecting on what is to come in the future, and sometimes those transitions go on for long enough that they become times of great crisis and trouble, as my own transitions have often been.  And yet all we can do is be the best people that we can be, enjoy the company of those we have been placed around, and reaching for the best that we know how to get, assuming that we can get through what it takes to achieve the longings of our hearts and the will of Him who made us.

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