You Just Got Passed By A Toaster

A day like today is a day where I try to do perhaps a little too much. After waking up this morning, I got to writing, writing a book review for my fairly large stash of extras to include when I am reading large books and would rather keep an even flow of reviews despite the somewhat uneven flow of my actual reading. After going to the library a bit later I figured that the books I have been reading from the library are so far fitting into very intriguing pairs on similar subjects. I have two books relating to political theory that are related to each other that have been read and reviewed, two books on the Colombia River relating to travel, one that is read and reviewed and the other that I picked up today, two books relating to travel and imperialism that I picked up today, and two books on the philosophy of video games, one of which I finished reading last night and reviewed this morning and the other of which I hope to finish reading tonight. It is a fairly ambitious set of books, but I suppose ambition is fairly common when it comes to my reading and writing.

After writing and saving the book review for future posting, I thought it worthwhile to write a psalm commentary about a psalm that had been quoted in yesterday’s sermon [1] but one that I had not seen written about a great deal. At any rate, once that was done it was time to shower and get ready for various errands before Spokesmen’s Club tonight, and so I did. First I went to the library and picked up three books, a bit unhappy that I hadn’t dropped off the three books from the library already read and reviewed so I could request the next batch. There is time enough to do that in the morning, though, on the way to work, hopefully with the next book added as well. After that I went off to visit a potential roommate who I had talked to on Craigslist, since my current roommates are moving back to Florida at the end of next month and I wish to stay in the west side of the Portland area. It ended up being an enjoyable and humorous meeting, given the fact that Craigslist is a pretty sketchy place to talk to random strangers. After talking for about half an hour and receiving a tour of the place, I went off to eat, do some reading, answer the text messages I had received while busy driving and meeting the potential roomie/landlord, and do some grocery shopping at the nearest Safeway to the place I visited on TV Highway. Once I found the nearest library to the place, I would be set. As a point of fact, one of the frequent areas of conversation that came up was the fact that traveling with books is a real pain, and that the reason why his library was so small, less than half the size of mine, was that he pared it down during his own numerous moves, something I can relate to [2]. It was on my way back from this set of errands that I was briefly passed by a vehicle with way too many bumper stickers on it, one of which read, “You Just Got Passed By A Toaster.” Challenge accepted.

After returning home and providing some additional scriptures to a friend of mine who had been inspired to write an article for Compass Check, along with the notes that I received as a regular staff writer for our church’s teen magazine, I got ready and picked up a fellow member of Spokesmen’s Club to head up to Washington. Somehow I got there early enough that I ended up being the keeper of the keys [3], so now I have a set of the keys to the venue of Spokesmen’s Club to return to our choir director. I often feel particularly anxious when I am the steward of what belongs to others, having a strong motivation to return it to the proper hands as soon as possible so that I can make sure that nothing happens to it. Club was a bit mixed, in that my own speech received somewhat mixed reviews, including a request for more sports comments and a concern that it was a softball subject that lacked objections. Having only had a couple of days to work on it, I felt it was the best effort that could have been made given the constraints, but I already have a subject in mind for the Open Assignment, hopefully one for a future Ladies’ brunch.

So, why would a day like today be a bit unsatisfactory? For one, there is the matter that I am never satisfied with something that receives harsh criticism, not being the sort of person who is pleased by negative feedback. Likewise, it was the sort of day that was filled with matters of great stress, including the stress of moving while engaged in a very busy life full of responsibilities and the need to deal with my own personal logistics. Additionally, whenever one has something to say, or is waiting for other people to say things, it is not always an easy matter to work for the proper moment, and that was certainly the case today. And even though I managed to do a lot, there was still so much that could have been done that I still do not feel satisfied, because I know that tomorrow will be just as busy as yesterday and today. One wishes that one’s toil had more satisfactory outcomes than often seems to be the case.


[2] See, for example:

[3] See, for example:

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