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Speak Now

Among my smallest friends are a group of somewhat bossy and clingy but adorably rascally children, who express what they want by saying things like “Uppy, huggy” or “Put me down” in very emphatic and sometimes fierce ways. There is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Banished And Forgotten

Banished And Forgotten: Irish Slaves In The West Indies, by Louise Gherasim, Illustrated by Neecol Johnson This book is a short one, only about 175 pages including maps, references, and a historical appendix that looks at some of the noted … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Tainos: Rise And Decline Of The People Who Greeted Columbus

The Tainos: Rise And Decline Of The People Who Greeted Columbus, by Irving Rouse This book is one of those which was written in order to capitalize on the attention surrounding the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to … Continue reading

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