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Through The Fire

Today in his sermon, our local pastor discussed the barbaric ritual by which the children of Israel as well as the surrounding peoples were sacrificed through the fire to Molech. The context where this is discussed originally, Leviticus 18:20-24, reads … Continue reading

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Book Review: Where Is Simon, Sandy?

Where Is Simon, Sandy?: The Story Of A Little Donkey That Wouldn’t Quit, Written by Donna Marie Seim and Illustrated by Susan Spellman This little book, written about a loyal and lovable little donkey on the Turks and Caicos Islands … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Sun Never Sets

The Sun Never Sets, by Simon Winchester Although I am not much of an imperialist myself, I must say that the thought has crossed my mind to do what this esteemed author did, and that is travel to as many … Continue reading

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