Nothing Would Be More Natural

Sabbath morning, when I woke up to clear out my inbox and ponder what messages were worth reading and replying to, I came upon a message from a publisher who was pleased at the book reviews I had done and was curious to see if I was interested in reviewing books.  I must admit that I always find it a bit unusual when people show interest in me, even if the fact that I enjoy reading books and writing about them is one of the more obvious aspects of my existence, and nothing would be more natural than to expect people who sell books to want to get in touch with people whose writing had helped sell other books, but I suppose it goes down to knowing what it is like on a regular basis to feel wanted and appreciated, and sometimes that can be an issue for some of us.  To be sure, this is a publisher whose books would be excellent to review, so it would be enjoyable from my side as well, it should be noted.

There are some people with whom one’s interactions are a natural fit, and others which have many more complications.  I must admit that I tend to be fairly baffled by the conversations I have with people.  There are some people who are a bit too much like me for me to get along with fully, because we always seem to be getting in each other’s way.  For example, if someone really likes talking and sharing their opinions and experiences but isn’t so good about listening, I tend to feel frustrated that I am not sharing enough and that I am listening to someone who isn’t being particularly considerate.  At other times I talk to people and find their odd questions to be quite amusing and interesting, and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable when people show how quirky they are.  Whether or not that is a good thing is hard to say, but it is what it is.  Since we are all pretty odd when people get to know us, it should come as no wonder that we should be appreciated for our oddness.

There is a certain tendency in many circles to glorify that which is natural as opposed to that which is artificial.  This is especially true with regards to food but is also true in a great many other aspects of life.  The band Savage Garden, for example, pondered whether it was more human to be like animals and tell the truth and never lie.  Yet animals have a nature that is different from that of mankind.  The greater potential for rational thought and free will that a being has, the greater the danger that such free will and thought will become twisted and perverted and corrupted, and human beings therefore have a far higher danger of that than animals.  If we prefer simplicity in our dealings with others, we have to choose simple beings to deal with.  To be close to human beings requires that we accept the complexity of others and that we face the complexity within ourselves.  Often what is natural to us is only natural by force of habit, and because we lack the moral imagination to see the way things should be.  Given the near universal failure of humanity to be able to imagine the ideal when faced with the grim experience of the real, perhaps we ought not to be too hard on ourselves, except that we ought to appreciate it when others can give us a glimpse of a vision of a better world for us to strive towards.

What could be more natural than pondering life as one finds it difficult to sleep [1]?  Even with gaining an extra hour of a day, sometimes one just simply cannot rest and relax enough.  Of course, part of that is likely due to the fact that I had too much iced tea today, but given that some of us find it difficult to sleep under the best of circumstances at the right time and in the right amounts, and either sleep too early or too late, too much or too little, it should come as no surprise that there would be a day like today where many books were read and where there was much on the mind.  Given the life some of us live, what could be more natural than that?

[1] See, for example:

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