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There’s Got To Be A Morning After If We Can Hold On Through The Night

It was sometime around 8:30PM or so when the people around me at my liveblogging last night [1] started getting depressed about Trump’s victory and its implications.  Looking at the difference between the polling and results, it appears that there … Continue reading

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Album Review: Irontom Compilation

At the recent Finish Ticket concert I went to [1], I had the chance to listen to up and comers IRONTOM, and obtained their demo to listen to and enjoy.  It is clear that this work is a demo, but … Continue reading

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Album Review: When Night Becomes Day (EP)

When Night Becomes Day by Finish Ticket [1] has the sound of a band about to break big.  This particular EP featured their first alternative radio hit single, “Color” [2], and given that the band is about to work on their … Continue reading

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