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So Don’t Yield To The Fortune You May Sometimes See As Fate

Life is not always easy being a node.  For a variety of reasons, I tend to be the sort of person who ends up being placed in the position of communicating matters to other people that others simply do not … Continue reading

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Book Review: Think Like A Programmer

Think Like A Programmer:  An Introduction To Creative Problem Solving, by V. Anton Spraul It should go without saying that this book is most of benefit to someone who is a computer programmer, and especially someone who is skilled enough … Continue reading

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Book Review: Su Doku For Dummies

Su Doku For Dummies, by Andrew Heron & Edmund James It should be stated at the outset that this is not a book that provides a lot to read.  Barely 20 pages of this book contain text for reading, and … Continue reading

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