Album Review: When Night Becomes Day (EP)

When Night Becomes Day by Finish Ticket [1] has the sound of a band about to break big.  This particular EP featured their first alternative radio hit single, “Color” [2], and given that the band is about to work on their second album, it seems likely that at least three of the songs, and possibly all five of the songs, on this EP will make the cute of the final roster, depending on how prolific the band is in songwriting.  This EP therefore may be considered as a bit of a teaser for the direction of the band’s work, and seen in that light it is a bit of a revelation, featuring driving guitars, passionate vocals, and songs that show a great range between slow love ballads and driving songs about freeloading scavengers and mid-tempo reflections on growing older.  This is a song that places the band squarely in the crises of young adulthood, in seeking to become better people and to better judge the people around them, with the realization that much of what we want out of life depends on other people and on being able to build relationships with them.  If their second album continues in this vein, it ought to be amazing.  That said, here is a track by track review:

Scavenger:  This song closes the set on the band’s current tour, and opens this EP with a driving power pop song about someone who shows up when there is enough money, humorously expressed as “coin” but who is otherwise not a positive contributor to the relationship.  The guitar solo on this track is amazing.

Wrong:  This song, another uptempo song, in this case about self-reflection and admitting one was wrong, is also a revelation.  This song has a fairly classic soft verse, loud chorus format, and is a number that easily could have and should have and may yet be a hit, especially if it makes the next album’s roster, which appears likely.

Color:  The standout track of a standout EP, this song was the band’s first hit single, and deservedly so.  The guitar work on this track is amazing as well, and this song has hooks galore in both the vocals and instrumental tracks.  This is the sort of impressive song that any band would be happy to create, and has the sort of vibe that one wants to return to over and over again.  It is pretty certain that given the popularity of this track on alternative radio that it will be prominently featured on their second album, and will serve as a hook for interested new fans.

When Night Becomes Day:  This mid-tempo song is reflective and thoughtful, and presents the band looking forward to better times than they have known.  While not as stellar as the band’s trifecta of opening tracks, this is a beautiful and touching song that could easily be a beloved album track on the band’s second album, and a reflection of a desire to grow and improve in life.  This is also the sort of track that could easily cross over into Hot Adult Contemporary or pop, as it is a very melodic song.

Never Alone:  This track is the weakest on the EP, and the one that appears least likely to make the final tracklist for the band’s second album.  It is a perfectly lovely ballad, but it’s a bit on the dull side compared to the rest of this EP’s fantastic material.  This makes for tolerable album filler, but the band can do and usually does far better than this.  Even so, let us not be too harsh about this song–the song has a lovely message about love and devotion that anyone who feels themselves to be alone would love to hear, and the fact that this song is the worst on the EP speaks not to its poor quality but rather to the stellar level of the rest of the EP.

This is a worthwhile EP to get on its own virtues, especially for its first three or four tracks.  All of them are enjoyable to listen to, and for twenty minutes of enjoyable music this EP is an enjoyable one that ought to encourage listeners that the band’s next album is going to be amazing.

[1] See, for example:

[2] See, for example:

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