Hotel Review: OldHouse Hostel, Tallinn Estonia

For two nights in Tallinn I stayed at the OldHouse Hostel in Old Town Tallinn, and it was enough time for me to form a pretty clear opinion of the place.  In contrast to most of my reviews [1], I will organize this review in a series of pros and cons, after which I will discuss my overall opinion of the place and my recommendations.  It is my hope that this review will help to inform those who are making decisions on accommodations in their visits to the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia.

Pro:  Location. OldHouse Hostel is located at 26 Uus in Old Town, in a convenient location that is close to major highways as well as the enjoyable tourist spectacle of the city.

Con: View.  Even though the hostel is in a good location, it doesn’t have any great views. The windows are supposed to be closed, and even if they are opened, and even if one goes out in the courtyard and balcony, one can’t see any of the great sites of the city.

Pro:  Price.  At roughly 10 Euro a night, it’s hard to beat the price.

Con:  Plumbing and electrical system.  When I arrived and plugged in my personal extension cord it blew a fuse, but fortunately the hotel staff was able to fix the problem quickly.  When I was showering and getting ready to depart, one of the restrooms was out of service, but thankfully the ones on the first floor were open, even if the one I choose ended up having poor drainage and let the water spread everywhere from a quick shower.

Pro: The breakfast provided is pretty tasty, including cereals, some meat, pancakes, and plenty of drink options.

Con:  Breakfast is only available from 8-10AM, and there isn’t any food available for those leaving early.

Pro:  Check-in and check-out are easy and convenient.  When I checked out I told the receptionist I was checking out and that was that.  Check-in can be at all times of day or night, so long as the staff knows, although there is not always someone at the desk when you want them and the door is closed and has to be buzzed open from the inside.

Con:  Even when one is quiet, the door of the hostel shared room is a bit loud and some people sleep so softly that even the sound of typing on the keyboard can be a bit much.  Don’t choose the shared room if you’re a light sleeper.

Verdict:  Although this place is a bit rough around the edges, it is charming and inexpensive, and a good option for those who want to explore Old Town and are okay with sharing a room and dealing with the fact that not everyone is going to be on the same schedule.  You can’t beat the price for the location it’s in either, which makes this a very attractive option for the budget set as well as for backpackers.  The place is couples friendly as well.  There’s a lot to like for all its quirks.

[1] See, for example:

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