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Mysteries Of The Bible: What Is The Connection Between Love And Respect?

In applying the Bible to our own lives, we have a great deal of difficulty in doing so because of our incorrect understanding of words because of incorrect teachings, because it is hard to know what is meant by someone … Continue reading

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If You Need To Crash, Then Crash And Burn; You’re Not Alone

Recently while listening to some music I came across a set of YouTube users who had managed to compile various lengthy videos as best of collections for the defunct Australian pop-rock duo Savage Garden.¬† Little thought of or remembered at … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar, directed by the Coen Brothers, is a strange sort of film that is both incredibly polished but ultimately unsatisfying. ¬†Populated, as many of the brothers’ films are, by odd and quirky individuals, the film seeks to amuse the … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Henry Of Lancaster’s Expedition To Aquitaine, 1345-46

Henry Of Lancaster’s Expedition To Aquitaine, 1345-46: ¬†Military Service And Professionalism In The Hundred Years’ War, by Nicholas A. Gribit As someone who reads quite prolifically for the De Re Militari, I have developed quite a library on various matters … Continue reading

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