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Dog Police, Nobody Knows Who You Are

Being a fan of obscure and gloriously odd music, I felt rewarded when a mostly sleepless night this weekend was punctuated by a new one hit wonder retrospective from one of my favorite You Tube personalities, who in the course … Continue reading

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Book Review: Is The Bible True?

Is The Bible True?: ¬†How Modern Debates And Discoveries Affirm The Essence Of The Scriptures, by Jeffery L. Sheler The short answer to the book’s deliberately provocative title is yes, the Bible is true, at least insofar as it is … Continue reading

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Book Review: How We Got The Bible

How We Got The Bible, by Neil R. Lightfoot As there is much I have to criticize about this book, and much to find fault with in its presuppositions and assumptions regarding textual criticism, it is worthwhile to comment at … Continue reading

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