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Hotel Review: OldHouse Hostel, Tallinn Estonia

For two nights in Tallinn I stayed at the OldHouse Hostel in Old Town Tallinn, and it was enough time for me to form a pretty clear opinion of the place.  In contrast to most of my reviews [1], I … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Czar’s Madman

The Czar’s Madman: A Novel, by Jaan Kross From time to time, as the mood strikes me, I enjoy reading the occasional historical novel [1].  Since this particular novel was written by an Estonian and contains a great deal of … Continue reading

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Adventures In Urban Orienteering

A few days ago, I was informed that one of the activities that the people of the Baltic states are a greatly fond of is something called orienteering.  When I asked about it to a local gentleman here, who had … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Deadpool

Perhaps I can be excused for being a little bit late to this particular party.  As nearly everyone who would watch this film is likely aware of, Deadpool was an immensely successful summer blockbuster for its witty and wisecracking and … Continue reading

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