Product Review: Fuel 100 Electro-Bites Variety Pack

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites Variety Pack, $13.95

[Note: This product was provided free of charge by Deep Creek Public Relations in exchange for an honest review.]

Fuel 100 Electro Bites Variety Pack

For those people who want a snack food to provide electrolytes while also avoiding junk ingredients, too much sugar, or GMO starch, Fuel 100 provides Electro-Bites, a container of small and crunchy food pellets that provide energy for 30 to 60 minutes that are also healthy. Fuel 100 began their efforts in the ultra-running world but have found success with all runners as well as cyclists and triathletes. As a volleyball player myself, I wanted to see if they would be useful for some quick energy at the beginning of practice for myself or other coaches and athletes. Given that they provide a good deal of energy without a lot of sugar, they can be eaten quite easily with a sip of water and dissolve pretty easily and with a pleasant aftertaste. In looking at this product there are a couple of obvious questions: what are these products made of, and how do they taste?

Fuel 100 Simply Salty Electro-Bites

So, what are Electro-Bites made of? Their calories come from non-GMO white potato starch, organic coconut oil, and organic agave nectar. As far as minor ingredients though, for example, the Pumpkin spice electrobites contain sodium bicarbonate, cholecalciferol for Vitamin D3, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate for Vitamin E, cyanobalamin for Vitamin B12, , pyridoxine HCL for Vitamin B6, along with potassium chloride, magnesium citrate, citric acid, fruit pectin, monocalcium phosphate, sodium chloride (table salt), along with cinamon, ginger, and nutmeg. The whole nutritional package provides a small number of calories along with a fair amount of potassium, a healthy amount of B, D, and E vitamins, along with 4g of saturated fat and about 200 mg of sodium. So, they are salty, full of electrolytes, but not too sweet and definitely not full of wasted calories. They manage to combine energy with healthy natural ingredients, a successful and delicate balancing act in providing nutrition for athletes.

Given the fact that these bites do provide good energy and electrolytes as well as healthy ingredients, how do they taste? The variety pack includes, as might be imagined, several distinct flavors: pumpkin spice, salty vanilla, simply salty, apple cinnamon, and salty vinegar were included in the sample pack that I tasted. Their taste varied–all were savory, most of the flavors were present but subdued (especially the Apple Cinnamon), and the pumpkin spice was particularly excellent, and the salty flavors all lived up their names, being slightly sweet (salty vanilla) or sour (salty vanilla), but all of them salty. The bites take a couple of minutes to eat, do not require much chewing, and they are all pleasant to eat. This is a worthwhile product for those who want energy for their training, want healthy ingredients, and enjoy products that taste good and are good from the standpoint of nutrition and food sources, especially if one is familiar with using existing sports drinks, snack bars, or gels.

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