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A Change Would Do You Good

This evening at work I was presented with requests to write about two different and seemingly entirely unrelated subjects that nevertheless dealt with some of the same people and also dealt with some of the same concerns, concerns which I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bible Wars & Weapons

Bible Wars & Weapons, Written By Rick Osborne, Marnie Wooding, and Ed Strauss, Illustrated by Michael Moore This short and heavily illustrated book is part of a series called 2:52 Soul Gear, published by the children’s group within Zondervan, part … Continue reading

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Mysteries Of The Bible: Where Can The Sons Of Jonadab Be Found Today?

The family of Jonadab, part of the Kenites who were descended from the Midianite tribes related by marriage to Moses and descendants of Jethro, are a fairly obscure family in the Bible who show up a few times as important … Continue reading

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