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The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: A Case Study In The Difficulty Of Signaling

Perennially, among my most popular posts are about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, an institution with its museum in Cleveland, Ohio, a museum that is immensely entertaining to visit, which when I was there had thoughtful music history … Continue reading

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Book Review: So Many Books

So Many Books: Reading And Publishing In An Age Of Abundance, by Gabriel Zaid Among my friends there is a widespread inside joke, sometimes implicit and sometimes explicit, about certain books being Nathanish. Being someone who reads a lot of … Continue reading

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The Syntopticon Project, Or Books About Books

One of the more ambitious projects of Mortimer Adler that he discussed in his masterpiece How To Read A Book [1] was to build a collection of works called the Syntopticon, an catalogue of books about different subjects. As there … Continue reading

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