Book Review: Unshackled

Unshackled:  Breaking The Strongholds Of Your Past To Receive Complete Deliverance, by Kathy Degraw

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest book review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

While many people do not find it worthwhile to study aspects of demonology [1], there is a certain degree of worth in studying the subject.  Perhaps the most obvious reason to study a subject like strongholds is that it is increasingly clear that a great many people who fancy themselves to be believers of God have serious issues with influence from the demonic realm that falls short of possession but that still demonstrates serious trouble.  Whether one is dealing with problems like addictions or the incorrect mindsets that so many people have that leads them to be bitter and resentful of others, there is a lot here that hits close to our times.  And it is quite possible as well that given the author’s interest in talking about her own struggles with various attitudes, that a lot of this material is going to hit close to home as well.  That is certainly intentional, but the author does it in a way that avoids being too intrusive, largely because her autobiographical detail disarms the usual hostility one has to dealing with the subject.

This book, a reasonably short one at about 250 pages or so, begins with a foreword, a discussion of prophetic word and some suggestions from the author on how to use the book.  After that the author begins with two chapters that discuss how one can find freedom through inner healing and deliverance (I), discussing what inner healing is (1) and the nature of repentance and forgiveness as the keys to freedom (2).  After that the author discusses how the reader can get unshackled from ten different strongholds of demonic influence (II), including fear (3), intimidation (4), control (5), pride (6), anger (7), rejection (8), unworthiness and passivity (9), victim and poverty mentalities (10), grief and loss (11), and addiction (12).  Throughout these pages the author sprinkles in her own life story and her own observations as well as discussion of the Bible.  And while the author closes this volume with a prophetic word, considering herself to be a sort of itinerant minister with a prophetic ministry, this book certainly leaves a lot of thought-provoking ideas that represent a deeply spiritual look at the problems of our lives and age.

The general goal of the author is to encourage prayer and spiritual deliverance so that the believer can live free without being troubled by the darker side of the spiritual realm.  One of the more intriguing aspects of the book, one that is not emphasized by the author but which appears mentioned frequently at the close of the book’s chapters, is the idea that some of the spiritual issues we face are because we are being troubled by demons who have been given some sort of assignment to trouble us.  It is unclear if the author explores this subject deeper in other works but it is certainly something that resonated with me as a reader and gave a lot of food for thought and the reflection perhaps even for future reading.  We live in a time that has gone astray with fear, anger, rampant immorality, and the simple inability to recognize and respond to the spiritual reality that underlies so many of our problems.  We look for legal and political and economic solutions to that which ultimately has a moral and spiritual base, and so it is little wonder that we find ourselves unable to deal with the problems of our time.  We have a long way to go be truly free.

[1] See, for example:

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