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Privilege: A Problematic Paradigm: Issues And Alternatives: Part Two

[Note:  See previous discussion here if you have not before.] Having briefly introduced the subjected of privilege and presenting some introductory critique of it, I thought it would be worthwhile for us to spend a bit of time discussing exactly … Continue reading

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Book Review: The World Of The Neo-Hittite Kingdoms

The World Of The Neo-Hittite Kingdoms:  A Political And Military History, by Trevor Bryce This book would have been better if the author would have taken the Bible more seriously.  Unfortunately, it is the habit of those who fancy themselves … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beginning Hittite

Beginning Hittite, by Warren H. Held, Jr., William R. Schmalstieg, and Janet E. Gertz If you are somewhat familiar with ancient studies, you will no doubt have some understanding of the self-education process by which people can learn a little … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Hittites

The Hitties, by A.E. Cowley For a variety of reasons I have long been interested in the Hittite Empire and its history [1].  That said, the Hittites as a nation were largely unknown before the 19th century, when archaeological digs … Continue reading

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