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Words (Don’t) Get In The Way

There is a distressingly large number of songs and writings that seek to attack the verbal content of communication by badmouthing words as a means of communication.  Sometimes this badmouthing is a sign of frustration, as in the song “Words … Continue reading

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Book Review: Field Manual: Logistics

FM:  Logistics, by the Department Of The Army There are few more boring ways to read about logistics than this particular field manual.  Admittedly, field manuals are not written to be exciting reading, so it is no insult to the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pure Logistics

Pure Logistics, by George C. Thorpe This book had an interesting story.  Written in the early 20th century by a Marine thinker, the book was nearly entirely forgotten, in large part because no one cared about logistics and the book … Continue reading

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Book Review: Guerrilla Logistics

Guerrilla Logistics, by Lt. Col Marco J. Caraccia Leave it to a quartermaster officer to discuss the logistics of guerrilla groups as being a key to dealing with anti-guerrilla operations and even the possibility that the United States would be … Continue reading

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