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Privilege: A Problematic Paradigm: Issues And Alternatives: Part One

Over the past few days I have been, like many other people, plagued by well-meaning but entirely misguided and wrong-thinking calls on the part of people and companies to check privilege and work to become better at overcoming supposed structural … Continue reading

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Book Review: Defying The Crowd

Defying The Crowd:  Cultivating Creativity In A Culture Of Conformity, by Robert J. Sternberg & Todd I. Lubart How does one cultivate creativity?  This is a problem I have wrestled with in reading dozens of books on the subject.  One … Continue reading

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Book Review: Psychologists Defying The Crowd

Psychologists Defying The Crowd:  Stories Of Those Who Battled The Establishment And Won, edited by Robert J. Sternberg This book is a bit less than 300 pages and contains a variety of psychologists writing about their own personal lives and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Thinking Styles

Thinking Styles, by Robert J. Sternberg As someone who has some familiarity with the author’s work [1], it is not surprising that the author fancies himself to be a creative person who is liberal in thinking and loves new ideas.  … Continue reading

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