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Sixty Percent

Sixty percent is the charge you tell me, When I wake up in the morning after Having charged you up all night. And sixty percent is what you tell me After I have used the phone all day. Do you … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Little Bit Of Runes

A Little Bit Of Runes:  An Introduction To Norse Divination, by Cassandra Eason Admittedly, the practice of divination is one that I have endeavored to stay far away from [1].  The author, though, shows no such compunctions, and as neo-pagan … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zen Vows For Daily Life

Zen Vows For Daily Life, by Robert Aitken I want to make it clear at the outset of this review that I am not endorsing the author’s approach or the book’s contents.  This is a volume that was promoted as … Continue reading

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