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Mysteries Of The Bible: What Does Revelation 19:15 Mean?

Earlier this morning, as I was getting ready for work, I received a series of messages from one of my loyal (if busy) readers, who asked me very simply what Revelation 19:15 meant.  I’m not quite sure what prompted this … Continue reading

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Book Review: Squanto And The Miracle Of Thanksgiving

Squanto And The Miracle Of Thanksgiving, by Eric Metaxas, illustrated by Shannon Stirnweis As someone who cares a great deal about the keeping of and memory of Thanksgiving [1], I find books about Thanksgiving to be intriguing and worthy of … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Birthday ABC

The Birthday ABC, by Eric Metaxas, illustrated by Tim Raglin Although I am not someone who particularly cares personally about birthdays [1] to a great extent, except as an opportunity to be friendly to others, I definitely found this book … Continue reading

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