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The Last Enemy That Will Be Destroyed Is Death

In the seventh and final novel of the Harry Potter series, one of the pivotal moments of the plot occurs when Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger go to Godric’s Hollow and find the tomb of Harry’s parents, which has on … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Battle For The Soul Of Capitalism

The Battle For The Soul Of Capitalism, by John C. Bogle Those readers who are not aware of the generally corrupt behaviors of many financiers and business executives [1] may think that this title is a bit overly dramatic.  Those … Continue reading

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Book Review: Enough: True Measures Of Money, Business, And Life

Enough:  True Measures Of Money, Business, And Life, by John C. Bogle The title and general message of this book, by the wise and sometimes insistent John Bogle, is taken from a poem that was written by the late Kurt … Continue reading

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