I do not ordinary consider myself a particularly observant person.  To be sure, hypervigilance is a part of my repertoire, but as someone who has a lot on my mind I tend to be fairly distracted often by my own thoughts and what I am planning on saying or doing.  Even so, I found that yesterday was a day that was notably influenced by noticing in ways that I thought strange enough that my own personal attention was brought to it.  As is the case often with this sort of entry [1], I would like to ramble on about something and you can take such enjoyment as you wish from it.

I suppose I should begin on the day before yesterday, as that is where the context immediately begins.  On the first day of the week, I knew I had some tasks that needed to get done at work, so I went to the library to pick up a few books that were on hold for me there and then went to get my weekly groceries as is my custom.  I noticed, much to my displeasure, that I did not really like getting my groceries early in the day because there were too many people around and that makes me rather uncomfortable.  I prefer a nearly empty grocery store where I can get my food without having slow people always in my way or people constantly crowding into my personal space.  On the way to the library, I happened to notice a lovely building that I had seldom seen before with a plane inside, and it struck me that this building was not lit at night, when I am usually at the library, and so it is generally invisible to me in the general darkness around the Hillsboro Airport.  I found this to be rather odd, but I puzzled over it nonetheless.

At any rate, the fact that I had done work on Sunday drew the notice of my boss and one of my coworkers, because they thought it unusual.  Since I had known that a certain task needed to be done in order to close the commissions for most recent period, I did not want people waiting on me to finish the job, especially since I had been unable to finish it earlier before leaving work to enjoy dinner at a friend’s place across town.  The work ended up taking me far longer than I expected it to, but I made sure it was finished, even though it was pretty exhausting.  Sometimes you have to power through a task and make sure it is done, even if not everyone has the same mindset about such things.  At any rate, I was amused that my efforts had been noticed although I was deliberately low key about what I was doing.

As I arrived at work yesterday, I noticed a card on the portion of the road that approached my normal entrance into the building.  Being easily distracted by shiny objects, I picked up the debit card and looked at the name and put it in my pocket.  During the morning I found the owner of said card on our company’s instant messaging system and sent him a message letting him know that I had found his card and inquiring where he was so that I could return it to him when I was downstairs after lunch.  Apparently he had talked to his supervisor, whom I happen to know, because when I arrived there I was expected.  When I gave the young man his card back, a few other people around joked about going on a shopping spree, but I had never thought to do that with someone else’s debit card.  On the contrary, I figured that he was probably as surprised and concerned about such a loss as I would be, and I am not someone who tends to trifle with other people in that fashion.

At the end of the night, as I was preparing to head home after an enjoyable dinner, I ended up in a somewhat lengthy conversation with the manager of the restaurant, with whom I often talk about sports and related issues, and a somewhat elderly former football player who was now a truck driver in town to pick up some machines from Intel who lived in Southern California.  Our conversation centered around the question of corruption in sports, the demographic changes and problems of parking in South Central Los Angeles where the Rams play, and the question of the intelligence of super computers.  I must say it was a fascinating conversation, one which would not have happened had I not noticed an enjoyable conversation and found myself involved in it as happens from time to time.  In a life as mundane as mine is, much of what is interest comes from what one notices, or what others notice about me.  I suppose this might be the case for others as well.

[1] See, for example:

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