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If I Could Walk Faster, I Would

Yesterday morning I woke up with a bit of pain in my left foot, and being no stranger to foot pain [1], I got ready like normal and went to work and figured that the pain would subside.  It did … Continue reading

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Book Review: Doubts About Darwin

Doubts About Darwin:  A History Of Intelligent Design, by Thomas Woodward The author is someone I happen to know (slightly) personally, largely because he got his Ph.D from the same university where I got my first master’s degree and because … Continue reading

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Book Review: Evolution: A Theory In Crisis

Evolution:  A Theory In Crisis:  New Developments In Science Are Challenging Orthodox Darwinism, by Michael Denton For many people, myself included, this book was the initial clarion call demonstrating the scientific flaws within the paradigm of evolution.  While the intellectual … Continue reading

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