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Look What You Made Me Do

From time to time I have commented on the career of Taylor Swift [1] and on the fact that I tend to view myself as being somewhat like her in writing personally and even confessionally as she has throughout her … Continue reading

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Neither An Edge Lord Nor A Snowflake Be

From time to time I like to make humorous comments on online videos relating to good or bad music, and this morning when I woke up I thought that an online commentator replying after I did on a particular thread … Continue reading

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Book Review: Churchill, Hitler, And The Unnecessary War

Churchill, Hitler, And The Unnecessary War:  How Britain Lost Its Empire And The West Lost The World, by Patrick J. Buchanan I was recommended this book by a friend of mine who saw how I dealt with a previous book … Continue reading

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Book Review: Churchill: The Unexpected Hero

Churchill:  The Unexpected Hero, by Paul Addison I have to admit that like many people, I tend to find Winston Churchill a pretty compelling person and a historical person well worth appreciating for his moral courage and his eloquence [1].  … Continue reading

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