La Hotel Espero: Chapter Five: Part One

Day Two:  Kate

Kate got up and looked at the clock in the room.  She couldn’t believe that it was already 3:30PM.  Had she been that tired from her journey?  It was not in her habit to sleep in much at all; there was always too much to do and far too little time to do it.  She looked around her room and saw, though, that there would have been nothing to wake her up.  She could see no window to the outside world, which she thought was odd, as it was pretty peculiar for a hotel not to show off the outside world.  Most hotels were built in places that wanted to show off some beach or some mountain or something of that nature.  She had mostly seen trees in her way here–wherever here was–and she wondered why it would not be the case here.  This place seemed a little bit remote, but at least her intuition was telling her that while something may be odd about their situation that at least it appeared that the only other person they saw wasn’t in on it.  He didn’t give off the appearance of someone who would be able to keep a secret as big as one that would be necessary to lure people to their destruction.  He seemed barely more aware of their world than they were, as strange as it might be to believe, and as much a prisoner as themselves, if they were indeed prisoners.  She remembered that she had a date with him–what was the time again–and her mind spurred into action.

She looked at the bed beside hers and saw that Ashley was still sleeping.  What had Kate been doing after she was asleep, and how long and she been up, she wondered to herself.  She pondered a bit but hoped that she would be able to talk a bit and make sure that Ashley wasn’t still mad from last night.  If she was going to be here for a week with her roommate, she had to make sure that she wasn’t going to be murdered in the middle of the night.  Usually Ashley wasn’t that violent and they had few reasons before to tangle, but being trapped in a hotel with only one guy was going to make this a more competitive time with her friend than she really wanted to deal with at this time.  At the time, there was nothing to do but to be as polite as possible, and that was made easier by the fact that she was awake and thinking and alone.  She didn’t know where to go, and while the friendly bellhop had given them his number to call if they had any questions, she felt bad about talking to him at work, even if the questions did relate to his job at the hotel and whatever information he could tell them about where they were.  At least she knew that they would be seeing each other fairly soon, and so she felt comfortable not calling him but waiting until she could chat with him face to face.

She looked through her suitcase to see if she had anything to wear that would be suitable for a date.  She thought the hotel’s restaurant was really classy, and even if no one was watching she didn’t want to dress in something too casual, because she guessed that he would probably be dressed up.  None of the clothes in her suitcase felt right, though, most of them being jeans or even shorts, aside from the dress she had worn here, which probably needed to be washed before she wanted to hear it again.  Maybe she could ask about the laundry facilities here and make sure that she would be able to get her clothes washed if she wanted to wear a wardrobe more than once during the week.  Where were they going after this, anyway, she wondered to herself.  That was just another question she wanted to ask and didn’t know if she would have the courage to say.  I mean, someone else had obviously planned this trip and made the arrangements, because this place was nowhere she recognized.  It was pretty obvious that the bellhop was not going to wander very far on his own bum leg and that he seemed a bit cut off from the world as well, so this clearly went higher than him.  Still, she definitely wanted to know what she could, and she hoped that she could at least be pointed in the right direction as far as questions go.

She looked around her, as she had not had the chance to do so last night when she was so tired and irate at Ashley for being such a drama queen.  For the moment though, she saw that there was really very little around.  There was some hotel paper that for some reason reminded her of her favorite Michelle Branch album but no pens with them.  What was the point of having paper if one had nothing to write with?  It made no sense to her.  A lot about this hotel didn’t make a lot of sense, though.  She went to the closet and opened it and saw a beautiful red dress that would look perfect on her.  Yes, this would be what she would wear.  She couldn’t remember having owned a dress like this, nor had she ever seen one like this on Ashley, but she hoped that no one would mind her wearing it.  She had a bit of time before she wanted to take a shower, though, so she turned on the television softly so as not to wake up or disturb Ashley, and she saw that most of what was on was not very interesting to her.  Was this the only hotel around the world that didn’t have news or sports or anything like that?  There had to be something to take someone’s mind off of the endless tedium of existence, she figured to herself.

But what would it be, she wondered.  She looked at the clock and saw that it was already 4:30PM.  Had she really been up that long?  She thought it had only been a few minutes, and so she got up and took her dress and went to the shower.  She looked around to see that there was not much in the way of anything here, but she did take one of the little bottles of bodywash and shampoo and took the shower.  She got out of the shower and toweled herself dry, wondering if they had to use the same linens for several days in a row or if they were replaced every day.  Did this place get bedbugs?  Why did she have so many questions?  Surely she had traveled a fair amount before and she was asking questions as if she was traveling for the first time.  Did this place even have a maid anyway or did the bellhop do everything?  I guess if he came around to change the towels she would know.  She had finished drying herself and ran her fingers through her hair to tousle it a bit and then she put on her underthings and then her dress.  She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.  She may not as obviously attractive as Ashley was, but she was a beautiful young woman and she was sure that the bellhop would appreciate what he saw, and probably make some kind of nice comment about it.

She got to the bed and sat down and put some classy jewelry on and hoped that the dry air would help her hair dry out a bit since there wasn’t even a hair drier in the restroom.  After a short wait she heard a knock on the door and she got up to open it.  As she expected, it was the bellhop, and he was dressed rather handsomely in a black suit.  “You look gorgeous,” he said, extending his hand for her to take.  She took it and they walked from the room the short distance towards the restaurant.  “Who will be cooking tonight?” “I will,” he said with a smile.  “Do you do everything around here?”  “Pretty much.”  “What’s the menu?”  When they arrived at the restaurant he went into the host’s area and picked up a menu for her and kept one for himself.  “Let’s make this as regular as it can be.”  He picked a seat near the kitchen, which would not normally be a good place to go, but since he would be doing the cooking he could hardly be blamed for not wanting to walk far between his eating and cooking.  “What would you recommend?”  “I only eat chicken in order to help my foot as much as possible, so there are only a few dishes here that I eat myself, although in a pinch I could cook anything.”  She looked at the menu and was a bit puzzled not by what was there so much–it was a classy restaurant and it served good dishes–but rather by what was not there.  “I don’t see any pork or shellfish here,” she said.  “I was figuring that an upscale restaurant like this would serve some lobster or pork, at least.”  “Ah, well, the people who run this hotel are big on obeying biblical law, and that includes the biblical food laws.  You will only find foods here that are clean foods according to the Bible.  That said,” he continued since he loved to explain things, “The people who run this hotel are not Jewish, exactly, since one can order meat and cheese together, which is clean according to biblical law but is not kosher according to Jewish custom.”

She nodded her head in agreement.  “I would like the ribeye with the salad and a balsamic vinaigrette.  What will you have?”  “I will have my usual, which is chicken parmesan with the salad and balsamic vinaigrette as well.”  “Very good.”  “I think so,” he smiled.  “Can I watch?”  “Sure,” he said to her as he stepped inside the kitchen and threw on the apron.  First he washed and dried his hands and then prepared the salads and mixed up the salad dressing by hand before putting it, then putting the herb crutons on top and then bringing out the salads and putting them on the plates.  He then returned to the kitchen and a few minutes later returned with a bread roll and some oil and spices to dip it in.  The two of them talked quite easy for a bit, before he was done eating the salad and bread course and returned to the kitchen to cook up the entrees.  She waited a bit and then decided to watch him quietly, and she saw that he was reasonably skilled at cooking, which surprised her a bit.  She supposed that as one had to cook around here if one wanted to eat would make anyone a good cook.  Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.  When the two dishes were done he put on the finishing touches of the items and brought the two plates past her with a smile and to the table, and they sat down to eat again.  She wondered how she was going to say what she wanted to say the most, though, and after some pleasantries there was a brief awkward silence that neither of them entirely knew how to fill.


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