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Book Review: Christ In Conflict

Christ In Conflict:  Lessons From Jesus And His Controversies, by John Stott It is unfortunate that people see in Jesus Christ a reflection of themselves and that is certainly the case here [1].  As is often the case with books … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why I Am A Christian

Why I Am A Christian, by John Stott This book, whose title forms an answer of sorts to Bertrand Russell’s essay “Why I Am Not A Christian,” is a solid book of personal apologetics.  For one reason or another, I … Continue reading

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La Hotel Espero: Chapter Seven

Day Three:  The Bellhop It was the same nightmare again.  This time he was ready for it.  He was lucid, but had not panicked to such a state that he was fully awake.  So he was having a lucid nightmare, … Continue reading

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