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La Hotel Espero: Chapter Three

Chapter Three Day One:  Ashley It wasn’t fair that her friend got to sleep the sleep of the blessed while she had to stay awake steaming mad.  What had she done to get herself trapped in a hotel with only … Continue reading

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In Articulo Mortis

For whatever reason, it sometimes falls to me [1] to introduce songs for special music and to give some sort of explanation of their meaning or context.  I suppose it is well known that these are areas of interest to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ethnic Conflict In World Politics

Ethnic Conflict In World Politics, by Barbara Harff and Ted Robert Gurr As someone who has a fairly strong interest in the relationship between ethnic conflicts and geopolitics [1], this is the sort of book I enjoy reading from time … Continue reading

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Book Review: Our Only World

Our Only World:  Ten Essays, by Wendell Berry Ultimately, I did not like this book, although its ten essays are less than 200 pages in total so this book is mercifully short.  The reason I disliked the book so much … Continue reading

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