La Hotel Espero: Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Day One:  Ashley

It wasn’t fair that her friend got to sleep the sleep of the blessed while she had to stay awake steaming mad.  What had she done to get herself trapped in a hotel with only her friend and one plain looking guy that she would never do in the real world.  And he seemed interested in her friend, who was not even close to as attractive as she was.  It just wasn’t fair at all.  Where were they?  The bellhop had seemed rather sketch when she kept on bringing it up, as if there was something to hide.  She was sure there was something to hide and she was going to find out more about it.  In order to do that she would need to have an unofficial tour of the hotel, though, not the sort of official tour that would leave off all of the interesting parts.  She was sure that there were dead bodies or secrets of some kind here.  It made no sense to her that there could only be three people they could interact with in the entire hotel, not least if there were more than a hundred words as the shady guy had told her.  He had to know way more than he was telling, and she didn’t like it when people tried to keep things from her that she wanted to know.  She wouldn’t rest until she could find some answers.

But where could she find the answers?  She was sure that there were some closed circuit cameras that would show her presence if she walked down the hall, and she was sure that he would be looking for her if she tried to sneak around and explore.  She wondered if the card trick would work on these hotel rooms.  Normally she would use a credit card or something to open doors when she had to do a bit of breaking and entering, most frequently into her own house when she had been so drunk that she left her keys somewhere and could not find them, but since she for some reason had managed to drink enough to lose not only her keys but her cell phone and her purse and anything else that would allow her to identify herself or communicate with someone to get them out of here, she supposed that the keycard for the hotel room would have to do.  If it got bent out of shape, they could always use Kate’s to get in and out of the room.  She knew Kate well enough to know that she was responsible enough that she would never forget the keycard in the room or misplace it.  No, Kate was pretty boring and reliable, and even though she was mad at Kate for hogging so much of the attention of the only guy she saw here, she would definitely rescue Kate from the bellhop.  She was sure there was something shady going on with him, and she would do whatever she could to figure out exactly what he was hiding.  She knew he wasn’t on the up and up.  There was definitely something fishy about their situation, straight out of a horror movie where he was some kind of lonely ax murderer who lured pretty girls to their destruction after torturing them.  She was absolutely sure that he wasn’t telling the truth when he said he had been all alone for decades and still got relatively contemporary pop culture references.  He couldn’t be that much older than they were–he was probably about forty or so, maybe a little less, and even if he was by no means handsome, he wasn’t exactly repulsive.  She had to lower her standards some to try to flirt with him, but she had definitely flirted with uglier guys in desperate times.  And these were certainly desperate times.

Speaking of desperate, she wondered where she could find a sex toy here.  If she had to face a week without anyone to screw, she was going to lose her mind.  She would condescend to flirting with the bellhop because at least he was male attention, but there was no way she would let him have his way with her.  Nor was she going to try to turn her friend.  She had the feeling that flirting with Kate would be a bad idea, not because Kate was ugly, per se, but rather because Kate seemed to be the kind of person who would end up getting really attached to someone who took the time to be loving and affectionate with her.  She loved her friend, but she didn’t want Kate to turn from a loyal friend into a permanently frustrated and overly attached romantic fling.  She knew how irksome it was when people she was just playing around with actually developed serious feelings for her and wanted something more than a casual fling every now and then when she was lonely and couldn’t find anyone better.  If Kate had been like most of their other friends, she would totally enjoy a fun night every now and then with her, and it would definitely keep her from going nuts, but no, Kate was way too serious and way too earnest to be the sort of casual hook-up that she needed at a time like this.

She got up and went to the bathroom.  She couldn’t see any pens or pencils provided by the hotel like most other hotels had alongside with some kind of hotel paper that romantic suckers like Michelle Branch would write their songs to.  Those were a little skinnier than the things she liked to get off on but they would do in an emergency.  She couldn’t even rely on them here, though.  She went into the bathroom and saw what was available there.  Was there some kind of brush with a handle that would satisfy her at least long enough to get through the week ahead?  No luck.  There wasn’t even a comb, even though that would probably be a bit scratchy.  She shuddered a bit.  All she saw in there were some bars of soap and some of those small containers of shampoo and conditioner that could get lost if she tried to put them anywhere inside of her.  She supposed that her fingers would have to do.  She wished it didn’t have to be that way, that there was something else that she could use that would be more entertaining and more exciting than that, but it didn’t appear as if anything about this hotel was going to make life easy on here.  How did they expect her to go a week without getting off on something?

She returned to the bed and looked around to see what was on television.  She saw a remote control, way too big and with way too many buttons on it for the three channels of garbage that was on the television.  There wasn’t any news here, there wasn’t anything worth watching at all.  She did see that one of the channels was in the middle of a Lost marathon, so she supposed she could watch that.  Who watched that show anymore?  She didn’t think anyone still cared about the show, not after the last seasons when the show really jumped the sharks and people found out that everyone on the island was dead and in some kind of purgatory and there were so many inconsistencies and flashbacks and forwards and sideways and parallel universes that no one could keep anything straight and it wasn’t worth keeping straight even if you could.  Thinking like this could make you crazy, and she was trying to find ways of keeping herself from being crazy.  There was at least one good thing about the show, though, and that was in reminding her that although she did not consider the hotel bellhop to be particularly hot, that at least he wasn’t a Hurley. He may have had a bit of a paunch but he could at least walk around without getting winded and could at least walk on the treadmill in that gym she had so mercilessly teased him about.  She remembered that when she had been younger and the show was out that she would joke about ugly guys with her friends in school and call them Hurleys.  Oh, how life was simpler then, when one could be free to criticize people and get away with it just because one was pretty enough that guys would subject themselves to all kinds of abuse and torture just so that she could give the hint that someday she might sleep with them.  Oh wait, life was still like that.


How many hours of watching Lost episodes would it take before she went to sleep, she wondered to herself.  She hoped that Kate wouldn’t wake up to see her binge watching a television show she hadn’t thought of for years and still didn’t care about.  She needed a plan.  She wasn’t going to make it through the week unless she did something exciting.  The fact that she had a week, though, gave her a purpose.  If she could keep the bellhop distracted, and he really was the only other person in the hotel, then she could do some exploring and see if she could find a way out of this place to somewhere, anywhere, where she could get back to her previous life.  Since it seemed that Kate was determined to throw herself away on the only guy around, and have some sort of serious sort of dating with lots of boring conversation about deep and personal matters, why not take advantage of that to do some exploring.  It would be exciting, and something practical that would help to improve their situation.  She still worried that she was going to get killed by the bellhop, but he might be the sort of person who liked to toy with his prey, and if so, that would give him time, as long as he used Kate as bait.  She was liking this idea more and more.  She was worried that her experience seemed like a Scooby Doo episode where it was her job to unmask people and get the world back to normal.  She was pretty sure, though, that there wasn’t any weed to be found here.  There was definitely something creepy about this hotel.  Something was wrong, and she would find out what it was and find her way to safety.  She was sure there would be a happy ending for her, sure that she would find a way to escape trouble and get the help that she needed.  Having at least some plan in her mind, though, made her feel much better, and soon she was able to fall asleep at last.

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