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La Hotel Espero: Chapter Sixteen

Day Six:  The Bellhop It was the same nightmare again.  It did not matter that he had seen bits and pieces of this same nightmare hundreds or even thousands of times, the end result was the same.  His body produced … Continue reading

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Book Review: A History Of Scandinavia

A History Of Scandinavia:  Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, & Iceland, by T.K. Derry Do you like 400 page long history books about Scandinavia from the 1970’s that are written from a left-wing politically biased point of view?  If so, this … Continue reading

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Book Review: Defiant Courage

Defiant Courage:  Norway’s Longest WWII Escape:  A True Story, by Astrid Karlsen Scott & Dr. Tore Haug When I started this story, I realized that I was already familiar with this story from my previous experience reading and watching the … Continue reading

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