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La Hotel Espero: Chapter Eight: Part Two

As promised, it was a fairly simple meal.  Well, as simple as could be expected with someone making sandwiches and a salad who had obviously too much time on his hands to make food more complicated than it would otherwise … Continue reading

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Book Review: Uncle Fred In The Springtime

Uncle Fred In The Springtime:  A Blandings Story, by P.G. Wodehouse As a writer, there is the tendency for characters to be a part of an epic story, and in this relatively short (250 page) novel by famed British comedic … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blandings Castle

Blandings Castle, by P.G. Wodehouse I remember having read this book, and many other books by Wodehouse, before, but since it was before I was in the habit of writing about books at length, and because I figured that among … Continue reading

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