An Introduction To The Maternal Lines Project

As is my fashion [1], I like to keep a page where all of my posts in a given project can be tied together.  Recently, a night of troubled sleep [2] led me to ponder a lengthy study on the importance of connection through the maternal line in scripture.  A rough outline of the contents of this book-length project can be briefly sketched here, as I do not know how far the research will extend but am aware already that there could be a great deal of it.  First, this project contain various introductory material, much of it written after the scope of the project is better understood.  Second, this project will contain a discussion of relevant laws in the Torah that would demonstrate why maternal lines play an important role, looking at the relevant biblical laws relating to issues of limited female inheritance and bride price and the importance of honor.  Third, this project will contain somewhat lengthy posts looking at various examples of maternal lines and their importance discussed within the scriptures, looked at on a passage-by-passage basis, possibly with larger connections where the passages involved are part of a much larger issue, like the importance of maternal lines relating to Jesus Christ.    Fourth, this project will contain a discussion about relevant literature that deals with the matter of relation through the female line as it relates to biblical history, namely book reviews and additional analyses.  Fifth, after the second, third, and fourth sections are complete, some concluding material will follow that give the reader some solid takeaway about the importance of the maternal line when it comes to looking at the social context of biblical history.  Any interesting material that is mostly tangential but at least somewhat related to the topic that is discussed relating to the project will be included in a sixth section.  I expect this to be a fairly long project, but we’ll see how it goes.


Introductory Material:

Foreword:  What Is The Big Deal About Maternal Lines Anyway?
On Avoiding Endless Genealogies [3]
Meeting In The Middle [27]

The Implications Of Biblical Law:

On The Restrictions Of Priestly Marriage [4]
On The Restrictions Of Kingly Marriage [5]
If Such Is The Case Of The Man With His Wife It Is Better Not To Marry [6]
And She Shall Be His Wife Because He Has Humbled Her [7]
On The Striking Similarities Between Foreign Princesses And Prisoners Of War [8]
On The Restrictions Of Marriage For Female Heirs [9]
On General Restrictions Of Marriage [18]
Summary Of Relevant Biblical Law On Maternal Lines [10]

Maternal Lines In Scripture:

An Introduction To Maternal Lines In Scripture [16]
Maternal Lines:  The Patriarchs (Part One) [17]
Maternal Lines:  The Patriarchs (Part Two) [20]

Maternity Denied In Scripture:

An Introduction To Maternity Denied In Scripture [24]

Discussion Of Relevant Literature:

An Introduction To Relevant Literature [11]
Book Review:  Wicked Women Of The Bible [12]
Book Review:  All The Men Of The Bible [13]
Book Review:  All The Women Of The Bible [14]
Book Review:  What About Women? [15]
Book Review:  Twelve Extraordinary Women [19]
Book Review:  Miriam’s Well [21]
Book Review:  Ten Women Of The Bible [22]
Book Review:  Lost Women Of The Bible [25]
Book Review:  Women In The Bible For Dummies [26]
Book Review:  Faith And Obedience:  An Introduction To Biblical Law [28]
Book Review:  Law & Liberty [29]
Book Review:  And Still She Laughs [30]
Book Review:  The Most Important Women In The Bible [31]



1  Samuel 25:  A Case Study Of David Being A Man After God’s Own Heart [23]

[1] See, for example:































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