An Introduction To The Naming Our Abuse Project

Earlier today I read the book Naming Our Abuse for a book tour that takes place in about a month, and the book encourages and instructs people to write about their own experiences in a question and answer format that is similar to the task undertaken by the author. Therefore, as is my custom [1], I will organize my writings for the project here. As each of the sections of the book included four posts, I will endeavor to keep to at least four posts in the various sections below, although admittedly there may be more, given the way that my personal writings tend to have at least some degree of scope creep, which means that given the sort of tale I would have to write, it may end up being far longer than I plan at the start.

For those who are not aware, Naming Our Abuse is a book written by and for male survivors of sexual abuse. It is organized in a particular fashion (see summary posts below) that encourages both an honest approach to abuse and its repercussions, but also allows for the experience to be taken at some remove and reported on as well, rather than merely experienced. Not only do I wish to coordinate the various parts of the project here, though, I wish to use this particular place as a way of coordinating feedback to the project, and examining how large the project is so far. I hope that those readers who wish to know more about it, or who have something to say about the project. I am aware that the subject of sexual abuse is a very painful one for many people to think about, but it is one that has considerable relevance to my own life, and so it is worth discussing in a way that preserves the dignity of other people involved and avoids any kind of excessive detail. That said, in my own life, there is little such detail that can be discussed as a result of the particular circumstances, though I will avoid the mention of names of people where possible to protect the innocent.


The Wreck: [2]
The Funeral [3]
Speak, Memory [4]
Pieces Of Me [5]
Borne Ceaselessly Into The Past [6]

Accident Report: [7]
A Telltale Heart? [8]
Sleeping It Away [9]
Between Scylla and Charybdis [10]
Siren’s Song [11]
Semper Vigilante [12]
Vater Gott [13]

Rehabilitation: [14]
Fallow Years [15]
Worse Than Useless [16]
You’re My Kind [17]
A Hidden Price [18]

Driving Again: [19]
In A Perfect World [20]
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace [21]
A Family Reunion [22]
A Broader Perspective [23]

Letters To Myself: [24]
A Letter To My Five Year Old Self [25]
A Letter To My Ten Year Old Self [26]
A Letter To My Fourteen Year Old Self [27]
A Letter To My Eighteen Year Old Self [28]

Afterwords/Acknowledgments [29]

[1] See, for example:





























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