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The Fractured Fairy Tale Of Israel’s Departure From Egypt

Recently, a friend of mine wished to help me with my Origen project [1] by pointing me to the sermons of a pastor in our church organization who has shown a great interest in giving God the Father His proper … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: The Caspian Gates

The Caspian Gates, by Harry Sidebottom As someone who enjoys reading about the history of the Roman Empire [1], I figured that a good historical novel would be an acceptable way to spend the time in my lengthy commute, seeing … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: The Science Of Interstellar

The Science Of Interstellar, by Kip Thorne It is entirely unsurprising, when one thinks about the larger picture, why noted filmmaker Christopher Nolan wrote the foreword to this book, read ably throughout by Eric Michael Summerer. Interstellar was one of … Continue reading

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