Keeping Ourselves Open To Adventure

This morning, when I woke up more than a little tired after the long day yesterday, a day in which I had quite a few good conversations but did not end up doing any dancing [1], I did not have in mind a particularly adventuresome day for today at all.  Instead, the first few hours of my day were spent in a way that might not be considered particularly adventuresome at all, at least for me.  I sat on my bed, patiently dealing with the occasional interruption from someone who was staying in the same house as I was, and finished reading three books to add to my list of books to read and review.  Those books contained much of interest, and I will have to get to those as soon as I can, which will hopefully be tomorrow, but reading several books in a day is fairly ordinary and cannot be considered as adventuresome at all, not for me at least.

When I at length roused myself to go to the gym and at least make an appearance for Sports Day, I found myself watching the last part of a dodge ball game and explaining the rules to someone who was unfamiliar with the game but who had children playing.  I did the best I could, and tried to make myself as unobtrusive as possible.  I managed to get my first lunch (I ate like a Hobbit today, it must be admitted) just as the crowd was coming out of the game, and managed to sit and chat with many people and enjoy myself for a couple of hours.  I tried to decipher the views that people would occasionally give me, sometimes without much excess.  What did the blank stare signify, or the look that conveys a knowledge of the subtext but with an evident desire not to engage in a conversation on it.  These things are all too common, given the fact that those who understand what I am getting at are under no obligation to agree with me, and may positively want to think as little about what they understand as possible.  Even so, despite the awkwardness that comes along with me being me, I did get a chance to chat with the gentleman who gave the Bible Study yesterday about his experiences fixing up a house near a university and helping to integrate a neighborhood, something I have experience in.

At some point, after I had eaten lunch for the first time but when some of my compatriots there were still hungry, I picked a restaurant that was not Mexican and not a chain restaurant, and off we went.  As is sometimes the case, I ended up enjoying a fine conversation with a group where I was the only gentleman, and there was a young woman among our party whom I had never had the chance to have a proper conversation with, there being no obvious excuse for me to do so before since she had never been in choir or at previous sporting events that I had been able to see.  The hours passed enjoyably in conversation and in our eating, and then it was time to go once again as I made my long way home, wondering what sort of adventures one tends to find where one does not expect them but where one simply enjoys what one has found along the way.  It is a worthwhile model for future days of this kind.  I should also note that it can be quite an adventure to type about one’s day in the wee hours of the morning after one has fallen asleep.

[1] See, also:

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