Voulez-Vous Danser Avec Moi Ce Soir

As someone who has read more than my fair share of books by Theonomists, especially at an earlier period of life before starting this blog, I am struck by how they deal with Genesis 4.  When God confronted Cain about murdering Abel, Cain rather contemptuously replied with a question about whether he was his brother’s keeper, since Abel was himself a keeper of sheep.  And Theonomists get a great deal of mileage out of claiming that Abel didn’t need a keeper at all, as it is all too common for people to ask if we are our brother’s keeper.  Yet those who ask the question are wiser after a fashion than the Theonomists, since while it is is true that Abel didn’t need a keeper, those who ask themselves the question are not really wishing to view others like sheep that need to be kept, but whether our brethren need our encouragement, need our prayers, need our help if we can provide it.  And that is precisely the right question, even if it is the wrong term.  It is more important to get our hearts and behaviors right than it is always know the right expression to use to describe it, after all.

As might be expected given previous experiences [1], today was a fairly busy day for me.  I arrived at the Bible Study this morning just in time to hear the prayer and then find a seat in the front row as is my fashion.  The Bible Study itself, from a former ABC instructor of mine, was quite well done, and it dealt with being in the world and not of it.  The two split sermons were well done and complementary in content and approach, as the first speaker (the gentleman who gave the Bible Study) went deep on a single passage, namely the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and the second speaker decided to draw encouragement from some of the prophecies about the world to come and the adventures that would come from being a child that survived into the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.  Every child needs a good adventure after all.  What is to keep life interesting in the face of boredom and frustration?

Part of what kept me busy was the music.  Although I was not one of the two Nathans who performed during the talent show portions of the dance, I did play in the hymn ensemble and sang in the combined choir, and that required enough work to suit even someone like myself, and that is not even including the other logistical work I managed to do in setup and take down and so on.  The music went well, which made it more enjoyable for me, and the food was good too–eating lunch first was nice and I was pretty early in line for dinner as well, with my food being served by a young lady in our congregation with whom I have a lengthy personal history.  It is little wonder that I should have to ponder so much about why it is that I was able to do so much talking but so little dancing.  Perhaps that is to be expected in a situation like my own.

[1] See, for example:









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