Blowing In The Wind

Thankfully today had a little bit less to overanalyze than yesterday did [1], but it still had enough to ponder over as it relates to my life, as well as some unexpected consistent themes that seemed to connect the day’s events together. As today’s sporting events were held in Gig Harbor, quite naturally I drive across the beautiful and notable Tacoma Narrows Bridge [2], which collapsed due to winds in 1940 only a few months after it was finished. In order to avoid a repeat of the whole “Galloping Gertie” disaster, the bridge has been widened a bit, as well as having some grates added to its westbound side, which is a really odd sort of phenomenon that keeps one from being able to safely change lanes in some weather conditions. Of course, the bridge is beautiful and elegant, only it comes with one very unpleasant surprise; on the way back from the sports events home, I found out that while it is free to cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge going westbound that it costs cars $5.25 to return, which I thought was a rather shabby trick.

Sticker shock aside as far as toll bridges are concerned, I found the sporting events to be pleasant. Although I am not necessarily the most dexterous of people, I found the skill drills to be at least somewhat enjoyable and hopefully helpful. It is intriguing to see the comparison between the Northwest Weekend [3] and the Tacoma weekend when it comes to both sports and dancing. The Northwest Weekend has dances carefully divided by age, while Tacoma has a family dance. Likewise, the Northwest Weekend has its sports events focused on competition and often even tournaments, while Tacoma’s sports are more focused on skill development and drills. I found that to be enjoyable to experience, and I hope to be able to do it again. There was also some enjoyable conversations and even a few hugs when I had to go.

Of course, the drive home, for the most part, was not particularly pleasant. It was unpleasant mainly because the winds were bad from the Tacoma area all the way home, most of which was spent driving through a rainstorm. I drive a brave little vehicle, but because I tend to prefer smallish vehicles I find that they share a certain issue in that they tend to be very sensitive to the winds outside, which can make them a bit difficult to manage when the winds are constantly shifting direction and changing in intensity. Sometimes our lives are like that, as we are but small vessels in the storm blowing in the wind, fighting against the currents and pressures around us as we seek our own course and try, however imperfectly, to understand what larger plans and designs are going on beyond our knowledge. So it is with a day like today, as it is hard to see where exactly we are going, with imperfect information, all seeking a safe port in the storms of life, as well as to build up and maintain our friendships and to blossom where we have been planted. So much of life is complicated, but hopefully we can build up the skills to better handle it, no matter what winds may come.



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