An Apology For A Short Post

Although I have a fair amount of experience in giving and receiving of apologies over various matters [1], I felt it necessary to give a brief explanation of why this blog is likely to be so short and why I haven’t posted much about my personal goings on over the past few days, as a substantial portion of my writing is about the odd places I go or the odd occurrences that happen.  A great deal of that has been due to my own general state of exhaustion, and the fact that where I have not been sleeping I have often been wanting to sleep, and that is not the sort of matter that I want to write about at great length.  In addition, there is the simple matter that I have been so busy as of late that my usual store of accumulated writings has depleted to nothing, and the business has been of matters that I figured would be of interest to few people.  Sometimes that is not the case, as I unintentionally but happily gave encouragement to one of my friends to sign up for preteen camp next year so that she could help teach some dance and gymnastics to the kiddos.  But that is a rare example, I suppose.

On a day like today, I would find much to write about.  But the fact that there is a lot to write about can often mean there is not so much time to write about them, as I have to weigh and balance whether I want to start my errands before heading off to the wedding of a couple friends of mine, or whether I would want to write a bit more and try to relax some.  There are always trade-offs, for time spent doing something cannot be spent doing something else.  There may be much we have to do, and much we want to do, but we all face limits in how we are best able to balance these concerns.  For me, I have decided to write a shorter post in leiu of a larger one, to note that if the wedding is sufficiently intriguing in terms of presenting thought-provoking company [2] that this will be the first post in a series of at least two, but where I will comment at least that there are many ways I could have spent my weekend–including driving down to Colton to go to tactical next door to some friends of mine as I did last year [3].  For those whom I will see, I hope we have a wonderful day, and for the rest, I hope you have a fine day, whatever it is that you are doing, since you have taken the time to read this short note, after all.

[1] See, for example:

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4 Responses to An Apology For A Short Post

  1. Adrian Olivas says:

    No need to apologize, really. I found your blog I think about a week or so ago and there are tons of posts here. I have been reading extensively here (almost daily) and it has been a great pleasure to get to know you. The wide range of interests you have is great and I enjoy reading your old and recent posts alike. 🙂

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