Today was, for the most part, a pretty productive day. I managed to read a couple of books, one on the kindle and one in hard copy form, and I saved the kindle book review for my stash of backup blog entries in case of slow writing days or days where I don’t have much time. As for the other book, that review will be forthcoming very shortly [1]. In addition to reading, I did my usual errands, as well as going to the barber, which was interesting, as it was a barber shop that I had never been to before. I have noted on occasion that finding a reliable place for a haircut is not always a straightforward matter [2], and finding the right balance of a good haircut at a good price is not always easy. The particular barber shop I went to today is located right across the street from where I currently live, and although its clientele is male, the barbers were all women, mostly young, dressed in skirts slightly shorter than their aprons, with tennis and baseball on the television. No wonder the place was crowded with guys. Among the interesting details there were the neck shave as well as the fact that the barber used a metal guard instead of a plastic guard on the razor.

I am generally impressed with having a firm grasp of the details about what is around me. I suppose part of that comes with being at least somewhat observant (unless something is going on around me when I am intentionally not turning around to pay attention to it). As it happened, the place where I wanted to relax and do my reading before getting my haircut ended up being closed because today happened to be the day they were doing a customer appreciation event at a local park. I suppose they did not do a good job at informing all of their customers. As it happened, while I was wandering around there I noticed the barber shop and decided to investigate it further, so I suppose it was all for the best. It is strange how little things can lead to the actions that we take in life. We do not often pay sufficient attention to the little details.

For my birthday, one of my friends got me a kindle. It is rather surprising that I had not had one before this time, but I suppose that while I am a competent user of technology and software that I am not necessarily an early adopter. I have noticed a few quirks about my reading habits, and one of them is that I tend to read books on kindle far faster than I read them in print, perhaps because the mechanics of reading are far easier on the kindle, and one does not have to worry about pages falling and one has less text to read at a time so there is less re-reading of material [3]. The friend who gave me the kindle was a bit irritated that I had not accepted any of the book requests she had sent, and got a little bit bossy about it. I happened to find the fine print that said that one should not send the loan requests to one’s kindle address, but rather to one’s personal address. Those details resolved, I was able to get a couple of books to add to my digital library. Once again, knowing the details is the difference between frustration and easy success. I guess that’s one more reason to pay attention to details.


[2] See, for example:

[3] See, for example:

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