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A Touch Of Grey

For all well-known a band as the Grateful Dead is, they only had one top 10 hit, and only two top 40 hits over their lengthy career. The first of their top 40 hits (which peaked at #37) was called … Continue reading

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An Eternal Flame

[Note: This blog entry was my final essay for a course on the Olympics And The Media.] The opening ceremony is one of two ceremonies that bookends the Olympic Games and that seeks to place the Olympic Games as part … Continue reading

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A Passion For Order

Those who know me well are generally at least somewhat aware of the particular patterns of my life. Being a person whose mind is far-reaching and full of diverse interests, it would make sense that I would find balance in … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: The Throne Of Adulis

The Throne Of Adulis: Red Sea Wars On The Eve Of Islam, by G.W. Bowersock This particular book (which is a really short book of about 140 pages, including an appendix on the diplomatic history of the Byzantine and Axumite … Continue reading

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One Headlight

One of the odd quirks of driving early in the morning is the ability to recognize the frequency of unaddressed problems with headlights (and, to a lesser extent, taillights) in cars on the road. As someone who at least attempts … Continue reading

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Company Manners

I am generally amused, as well as slightly infuriated, whenever I receive any kind of message (whether it is implied or baldly stated) that points to the desirability of acting in a certain way to impress other people. I often … Continue reading

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