Book Review: How To Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem

How To Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem: A Guide To Praying For Israel, Jerusalem, And God’s Chosen People, by Mike Evans

While I was wandering this morning on one of the Bible sites I look at from time to time, I found a free book download, and as readers of my blog can attest to, I am not slow in the least to read free books of interest. As someone with a deep interest in Israel, given my ancestry and my religious beliefs as a “primitive Christian” [1], this book is clearly of interest to me, and like to many others who also pray for the peace of Jerusalem, in the knowledge that the peace of Jerusalem can only come with the help of God, because for mankind it has always been a place of struggle and difficulty, despite our best intentions [2]. This is a short book (only about a couple dozen pages), but it does provide the reader with a great deal of interest.

Most of this book does not consist in explanations at all. It is far too short to go into great detail about why one should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Rather, this book assumes that the reader is already either a Messianic Jew or an Evangelical Christian who already has an interest in and a passion for praying for the peace of Jerusalem and God’s people. The book, as might be imagined, does not imagine Israel in any larger sense than the remnant of Judah that inhabits the nation-state of modern Israel. The book does not contain any kind of discussion about the difference between the remnant of the Jews there who have come from oppression in many lands (particularly at the hand of the Arab and non-Arab Muslim states of the Middle East and North Africa) to seek peace and prosperity in the Holy Land and the secular state that bears the name of Israel but includes only a small portion of the children of Israel.

Instead, about half of this book is taken up by quotations from the Bible that deal with a variety of prayers, some prayers of praise, some prayers for deliverance, some imprecatory prayers against the enemies of God’s people (whether those who preach an anti-Semetic Replacement Theology, or those who engage in lies and propaganda against the Jews and in favor of the terrorists among the Palestinians). These quotations are taken as standalone comments and do not contain any kind of analysis of their context, but are taken as short prayers that can be said to remind God of His promises to protect the survivors of His people, and to show our solidarity with them. The other half of the book appears to be short prayers written by Mike Evans himself, some of which are very cheeky and bold, among which are the prayers that the author writes for his own organization, to pray for its safety and success. I suppose I cannot begrudge anyone else praying for their own well-being, as I do that often enough, but those prayers for the well-being of others come off as far more worthwhile and valuable.

In reading a book like this, which is worthy of considerable praise, one must remember that the safety and peace of Jerusalem cannot be seen apart from the spiritual state of the people of Jerusalem themselves. At their heart, although God promises that a remnant of His people will survive the various judgments and calamities that have come upon them, the well-being for any people as a whole depends on their devotion to God’s ways and their being loyal believers in a covenantal relationship with the Eternal. To the extent that a people, even the people of the nation-state of Israel, has forsaken the ways of God, they cannot then claim the protection of the God whom they have rejected. We should all take to heed that sort of warning, for the world in which we live has many dangers and many threats, and we are not always sufficiently careful about our own conduct to avoid the traps laid for the unwary by our adversary.

[1] See, for example:

[2] See, for example:

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